Top Tips to Improve your Cabin Crew Night Stop

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Top Tips to Improve your Cabin Crew Night Stop

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Top Tips to Improve your Cabin Crew Night Stop

After working on a long flight for about 12 hours. All you are looking forward to at the end of the flight is a good night sleep in a comfy bed, but sometimes the hotel room is not as luxurious as you would like.

Here are a few ways you can upgrade your stay.

Taking your own blankets or pillows

If you have space in your luggage, think about bringing your own blanket. Hotel blankets are washed so often that they can feel hard, or worse, aren’t always washed enough. You could even bring your own pillow for a great night’s sleep.

Problems with dry air

Dry air from the air conditioner can be bad for your skin and make it hard to sleep. So get a small wet towel and put it in front of the air vent to keep some moisture in the air. Drink lots of water too.

Your clothes are all winkled?

Need your clothes to look tidy after being in your luggage? If your room doesn’t have an iron. You can put them in the bathroom while you shower and the steam will smooth any wrinkles.

Don’t use the minibar

Minibars are expensive. So think about buying some of your favourite drinks and snacks at the airport shop  before you arrive, and just put them in the minibar fridge.

Coping with noise

Sometimes we have to share a hotel with very loud people. You should always ask to move if there is a problem . You might get a better room without paying more. But sometimes the hotel doesn’t have any other rooms.

If you are stuck with noisy neighbours, try rolling up a towel and put it at the bottom of your door.


Switch on your VPN

What is a VPN? A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is simply a way used to connect different networks located separated from the Internet.

A Surfshark VPN is the essential tool for any member of cabin crew. VPN has a lot of advantages to increase our online safety and privacy when surfing the internet from hackers. If you connect to a public WiFi network. For example: in a hotel or airport. Your real IP address will be safe while masking your actual location and your data will be encrypted against potential intruders.

One of the benefits of using a VPN connection service is to allow you access to any websites and web applications anonymously. For example, NetFlix will only allow streaming from specific locations. Therefore we recommend using SurfShark as this has been tried and tested by our team.

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