The Do’s and Dont’s After a Job Interview

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The Do’s and Dont’s After a Job Interview

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The Do’s and Dont’s After a Job Interview

The only thing more stressful than a job interview is waiting to hear back from the airline recruitment manager. Here are four tips of things to do, and not do, after an interview.

Do: Send a thank-you note

After the interview, it’s polite to send an email to thank the airline recruitment manager, usually later the same day or early the next morning. In your message, tell them why you’re excited to possibly work with the company, but do not ask answer questions!

Don’t: Annoy the cabin crew recruitment manager

It can be hard being patient, but it’s not a good idea to annoy the airline recruitment manager with calls or emails. The hiring manager should tell you when they will contact you about the results of the interview. After you’ve sent your thank-you note, only contact them after that date has passed.

Do: Follow upf

If you didn’t get the job, send a final message to the hiring manager. In it, you can ask for advice for improvement. If you get an offer but decide not to accept it, also be sure to let the airline recruitment manager know, and give your reason for not accepting. You might meet the same manager in the future, so it’s best to keep a good relationship with them.

Don’t: Head to social media

According to 2015 survey of over 400 HR professionals, 36% companies have turned down job applicants because of information found on social media. Because of this, you shouldn’t post anything about your interview online. HR Experts also say you should only add your interviewer on LinkedIn if you’ve been offered a job.

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