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There are secret messages that pilots send to cabin crew

Posted on January 25, 2022
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There are secret messages that pilots send to cabin crew with the seat belt signs A seat belt sign seems straight forward enough. Stay seated, and fasten your seat belts. Once it’s off, you can feel free to get up and stretch your legs or head to the bathroom. But cabin crew members know the ins and outs of what it really means when that symbol is lit up and it’s a bit more complicated
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The Do’s and Dont’s After a Job Interview The only thing more stressful than a job interview is waiting to hear back from the airline recruitment manager. Here are four tips of things to do, and not do, after an interview. Do: Send a thank-you note After the interview, it’s polite to send an email to thank the airline recruitment manager, usually later the same day or early the next morning. In your message, tell
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Don’t Make These Interview Mistakes An interview is your chance to show what you can offer a company. Just be careful not to make any of these interview mistakes! Don’t be late or cancel To make sure you arrive on time, plan to get there 20 minutes early. But if you are going to be late, send a message to the interviewer, and say you’re sorry when you arrive – don’t pretend nothing happened. Interviewers want to see
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How Cabin Crew Get to Stay Fit

Posted on November 26, 2019
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How Cabin Crew Get to Stay Fit Let’s admit it. Air travel can really take a toll on our bodies. Just imagine the pressurisation, dry air, travelling between time zones, lack of sleep and the stress. What more if you fly almost everyday shuttling from country to country and flying almost half the world. Yes, that is the life of a cabin crew. Add also that they have to always  look good in their uniforms
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Top Tips to Improve your Cabin Crew Night Stop After working on a long flight for about 12 hours. All you are looking forward to at the end of the flight is a good night sleep in a comfy bed, but sometimes the hotel room is not as luxurious as you would like. Here are a few ways you can upgrade your stay. Taking your own blankets or pillows If you have space in your