How to Pay

We Prepare You To Fly High

How do I pay for my lessons?

Decide what package you want to pay for.

Our Cabin Crew Interview lessons are only $19 per 25 minute session. The minimum purchase is $38 which is for 2 sessions. Or you can purchase the following packages in advance:

2 lessons at $38

5 lessons at $89

10 lessons at $180,

Students are liable for the 3% credit / debit card fees.

Tell us what you want to book.

Fill in the registration form HERE. Telling us what package you want. We will then send a Payment Request to your email address.

Select Your Payment Method


You can select to pay via Paypal with your Paypal account, but don’t worry if you don’t have a Paypal account you can pay via Visa Mastercard or American Express.

Bank Transfer

If you prefer you can pay us via Bank Transfer. Either in GBP UK Sterling into our UK account or in any other currency into our Sri Lanka bank account.

Arrange Your First Lesson

Please contact us again to arrange your first lesson. Please contact us at

We Prepare You To Fly High

After the completion of your courses you will now have the knowledge, experience and confidence to successfully pass your interview for the role of Cabin Crew.

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