Don’t Make These Interview Mistakes

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Don’t Make These Interview Mistakes

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Don’t Make These Interview Mistakes

An interview is your chance to show what you can offer a company. Just be careful not to make any of these interview mistakes!

Don’t be late or cancel

To make sure you arrive on time, plan to get there 20 minutes early. But if you are going to be late, send a message to the interviewer, and say you’re sorry when you arrive – don’t pretend nothing happened. Interviewers want to see that you can be honest about your mistakes.

If you have to cancel an interview, only do it once. If you cancel a second time, you are unlikely to get a third chance.

Don’t talk too much

Some people talk too much when they get nervous, or because they want to be sure to give the right answer. Don’t. The interviewer wants the right answer, but also wants to see if you can listen and see when they don’t need to hear any more.

Don’t be fake

Interviewers will usually know if you’re trying to act like someone you’re not, or if you’re pretending to know about something you don’t understand. Being fake will make the interviewer think you’re not honest.

Don’t say bad things about your old job

If you say bad things about your old job, the interviewer will think you’ll say bad things about your new job too.Even if you don’t like your old job, find a positive way to describe your situation. Don’t just say you hate it.

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