Requirements for Cabin Crew Jobs

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Applying for a job as Cabin Crew


Before starting your career as a cabin crew, it is always advisable to assess these requirements that most airlines indicate:

Age Requirements.

Normally 21-35 (but it depends on the airline).  All applicants who have good health, physical preparation and other qualifications can apply for cabin crew positions.

High school diploma.

Even though college or university degrees are not required. Many employers prefer candidates with education in travel and tourism, public relations, business administration and related fields.

Fluency in English.

Additional languages might be one of the pros as well.

Minimum arm reach

of 210cm (6ft 10”) while standing on tiptoes. You should be tall enough to reach overhead lockers, usually this means your height should be at least 158cm (5ft 2”). Furthermore, some airlines note in their job advertisements that cabin crew should be in proportion to her or his weight.

Good physical health

and medical verification from a doctor. Cabin crew should be able to lift heavy baggage, stand long hours on feet and work under intense schedule. Good vision is a plus, too.

A positive attitude, kind personality and empathy.

You should be a good communicator as you will spend much time with other colleagues and work with passengers to deliver the best possible on board service.

Cabin Crew typically needs previous working experience in customer service.

There is a priority for applicants with proficiency in dining, nursing, management, etc.

Swimming skills.

Cabin attendant must be able to swim without any assistance across a pool that is 25 meters long.

Well-groomed appearance.

Each airline has its own standards, although the most popular requirements include: groomed hands and nails, pleasant smile, no visible tattoos while wearing a uniform, no facial piercings other that two ordinary ear piercings, also no beards or moustaches for men.

Decision making skills and mental strength.

To become a flight attendant you must be able to concentrate and work calmly under complicated circumstances in a case of an accident.

Valid passport that allows you to travel worldwide.

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