Working As Cabin Crew

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Working as Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew (or Flight attendants as they are known in the USA) are members of an aircrew along with pilots (flight deck crew) and a Purser (otherwise known as Chief Steward, Senior Cabin Crew, Cabin Services Manager or Cabin Services Director). The main responsible for cabin crew is passenger safety during a flight. Yes, they are responsible for providing a high level of customer service but this always comes second to safety.

Cabin Crew duties are listed as:

Greeting the passengers,

Briefings before a flight,

Assurance that all passengers have fastened the seat belts and that their bags are safely placed,

Demonstration of emergency equipment usage,

Security issues explanation,

Serving of meals and beverages,

Administering first aid,

Taking care of passengers (particular attention is dedicated to children, the elderly, disabled and medically vulnerable individuals),

Management of conflicts,

Screening to make sure travellers obey the rules,

Dealing with emergency events,

Assistance in aircraft cabin’s cleaning.

However always remember that safety is the main cabin crew responsibility. Only then comes provision of a pleasant as well as relaxing flying experience for its passengers.

The role of Cabin Crew

Although the role of Cabin crew is never dull and encounters challenges such as medical situations, passengers’ complaints or even fights, on board fires, turbulence, emergency landings and other safety issues. The crew must always stay calm, diplomatic, patient, polite and always be in a good mood.

Job Benefits:

Having a career as cabin crew has many benefits:

Get paid to travel the world

One of the greatest advantages of being cabin crew is that you have a terrific chance to travel and see new places while working.

The adventurous lifestyle of cabin crew

The lifestyle of cabin crew teaches you to learn about different cultures and meet new interesting people from many different backgrounds.

Free meals and accommodation

If you want to discover the world of luxury and comfort. This profession is the right choice. Flight attendants have an advantage of free hotel rooms and meals during stopover days.

Low cost flights during holidays

Greatly reduced flight prices for you, your family and friends. When you are on holiday, you can get cheap or even free tickets as most airlines offer such benefit to their workers. Normally cabin crew receive 90% discounts, these are referred to as ID90.


Airlines care about the health of their employees and warrant medical, dental and life insurance.


Finally, Cabin crew schedules vary from airline company to airline company but usually you can select time and frequency you wish to work on board.

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