Air Travel Demand Increases 5 Percent Worldwide

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Air Travel Demand Increases 5 Percent Worldwide

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Air Travel Demand Increases 5 Percent Worldwide

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) says that the level of demand for air travel increased by 5 percent in June 2019 compared with June 2018.

IATA measures demand for air travel by using Revenue Passenger Kilometres. Which are figured out by multiplying the number of paying passengers by the number of kilometres they travel.

The strongest growth is in Africa

The strongest growth in demand for international air travel was seen in Africa, where demand increased by 11.7 percent. Airlines in the Middle East also saw a high level of growth at 8.1 percent.

IATA said that growth in Africa was helped by economic improvements and better air transport connections in the region. The Middle East may have had higher demand for air travel because the Muslim festival of Ramadan ended in June this year.

Slow growth in USA and Asia

Growth was slower in North America with 3.5 percent and in Asia, where it was 4 percent.Both of these regions had stronger growth in May, but IATA said that trade problems between the US and China have slowed things down.

IATA also said that June 2019 was a record month for “load factor. Which measures the percentage of seats filled per flight. Airlines around the world had as high as 84.4 percent of seats on their flights filled.

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